Monday, September 30, 2013

Built-in bookcaes in the living room....

Oh, do I have ideas!  The budget to create them?  No, not so much...  Can't keep a girl from dreaming!  Let's start with a photo of what I'm dealing with.  This is the room you see on your right when you walk in my front door.  I wish I'd gotten a better picture of the columns on each side of the entrance.  They are really beautiful!

The left side of the room looking into the dining room (which I'll discuss another time...) and features gorgeous pocket doors, only one of which works (again, best saved for another post....)

The right side of the room facing the front.

I see built-in bookcases flanking the fireplace.  That's my dream.  Everyone else seems to think I should keep the window seats.  Apparently they are completely unaware (thankfully) of the amount of stuff pretty things I have that need to be displayed!  Since it's not in the budget right now anyway, I'll save that battle for later (but it's still fun to look!).

I love the arches at the top!

 Oohh! I like the beamed ceiling! 
Focus Kate, focus....

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