Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where to put the laundry room?

I have SO many ideas for the old house we are buying (2 weeks until closing....)!  The biggest challenge?  Well, money of course, but that's boring!  I'd prefer to live in my unlimited-budget-fantasy-until-the-ranch-home-sells-and-reality-hits-world.  No, the real question is:  Where to put the laundry room?  The previous owners had it in what is going to be my children's bathroom on the second floor.  THAT will never work, not with my kids.... Soooo.....where to put it?  Maybe on the main floor in or by the bathroom?  Hmm.....

Maybe in the basement?

Umm, no probably not.  Too damp and far away from the bedrooms.  Not to mention, my kids will use the "I'd love to help with the laundry; however, it's waaay too creepy down there Mom!"  Or the fall back and ever popular "No, waaaay!"  Have to give that more thought..... on to the fun stuff - the decorating ideas!

 Love the idea of having a sink in the laundry room.

 Great crafting/wrapping/folding area!

We're closing in the back porch for a mud room.  Wonder if we could make it a laundry room too?

I really like this for a basement laundry room....not sure ours would work this well....

I LOVE wallpaper!  I'm going to have to use it somewhere...

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