Thursday, October 24, 2013

Decorating the heart of the home. Let the process begin!

Ah, the kitchen...the heart of the home.  Not so much this one.

Here it is the day we bought the house:

It has really good bones, just a little dated - especially the wallpaper.  Waverly circa early 1990's....

First thing, the island needs to go.  None of the appliances work (thank goodness!).  If they worked, my husband would say keep them and save some money.  Whew!  New appliances it is!  The cabinets are actually good quality, I just wish they were white and went all the way to the ceiling....

On to my inspiration:

From the movie "It's Complicated"   Love the open shelves and the apron-front sink.

 Just love it all!

That cabinet is amazing!!

 I'm a huge fan of hanging antique plates.
Like the mix of the antique wood and white cabinets. And the chandelier.

Love the color palette.

Great antique furniture piece.

I have to do this!

Love, love, love the apron-front sink!

I have an antique stain glass window I bought in New York just sitting in my mom's basement.  Hmm...

Wainscoting and wallpaper -- one of the best decorating marriages.

More of that open shelving I love! 

LOVE the sink skirt!

And the antique tile backsplash...

And the wreaths in the window...

 And the baskets...

And the chandelier...

And the open shelves and pop of turquoise... 

And the wood countertops with glass-front cabinets. This one is actually very similar to my kitchen set-up.  Hmm....

I definitely see a theme....
- Open shelving
- Dark wood countertops
- White cabinets
- Apron-front sink
- Pretty floral skirt under sink
- Chandelier or vintage light fixtures

I may have to buy another house to incorporate all these ideas! 

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