Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gummy worms, stress and an anxiety-ridden child

I am craving gummy worms. My ultimate comfort food.  And a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.  Not together, of course.  Are those even out yet?  Yes, it's one of those days.  

My son has called me twice from school today in the few hours he's been there.  First wanting to know if he's going to have enough lunch and the second time telling me he has a pain in his side.  He told the secretary he didn't need to go home, he just needed to call me.  He told me he needed me to come get him right away.     

My son is the child who asks to go to the restroom a couple times an hour, who has to have a drink of water (RIGHT NOW), who says he doesn't feel well in order to get out of something - the one who always has an argument or excuse as to why he needs something, why it doesn't have to be done right now (or at all), how it could be done better, how he's already done it (usually he hasn't).... If you've never dealt with a child like that, you have no idea how exhausting it can be for everyone around him.  My mother says he should be a politician or a lawyer.  The first time she said that was just before his second birthday.  Yes, that's how the past 9 years have gone. I. think. she's. right.

Now my afternoon of second-guessing myself starts (thus the need for gummy worms).  Does he really have a pain?  Is it just nerves?  Should I have told him I would come get him or was I right in telling him to stay the rest of the day.  He'll probably be fine when he gets home.  Until bedtime.  Then it will start again.  Or maybe something a little different.  Just a little.  And yes, we've told him the story of the boy who cried wolf.  Many times. He just gets mad now if you even suggest it.

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