Friday, April 11, 2014

Vintage ottoman redo on a very small budget

This ottoman has been one of the best buys I've ever gotten on one of my antiquing trips.  $20!!  I love the legs!  It fits in beautifully with my French country cottage look. 

I slip covered it my first go-round; unfortunately I can't find a picture of it:(  Two houses ago I just couldn't find a place for it so it got shoved into the I-know-I'll-want-this-someday storage area in the basement.  You know, that area that makes Type-A husbands absolutely crazy.  Anyway, fast-forward to last week.  I found the perfect spot for it and decided to give it a makeover. 

First I stripped the whole thing down, basically a block of wood on legs.  The foam was still in good shape, so I set it back on top of the wood base, wrapped the whole thing in batting and then covered it in cheap $2/yard muslin.  I then staple-gunned another piece of muslin to the bottom to make the dust cover, folding in the raw edges to make a neater look.

I then took 1 yard of an upholstery fabric I've had in my fabric stash and put it on in the same way as the muslin, stapling gunning it to the bottom.  Finally, I hot-glued a braided upholstery trim around the top of each leg to cover the raw edges. 

All in all, a pretty fast project - maybe an hour.  Love it!

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