Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm in love....with an app

I am in love!!  With an app.  No, seriously, it's awesome!  I haven't stopped playing with it since I downloaded it last night.  I'm seeing everything in relation to how it would look as a watercolor painting....  I was initially introduced to this on one of my favorite blogs,  The Enchanted Cottage and bought it within 5 minutes of reading her post!

I did all of these in the "natural" option with "normal" light; however, there are 12 style options and 5 light options.  SO far this has been my favorite.  Of course, I'm only just beginning to play!  I've also found things work better than people or animals.  I need to take some pictures in good lighting of the kids and she if that helps.  The ones I just used off my iphone made their faces kinda, well, faceless.  I'll work on that....
Printed on nice paper, wouldn't paintings from this app make great gifts?!  I know my mom would love one of her family home, my mother-in-law would love one of the kids, and my husband would probably love one of his truck.  Yes, his truck. No, I'm serious. 

Drumroll please... Waterlogue is the best $2.99 I ever spent!  Happy painting!

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